Spiritual, Photo, and Children's Books:

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All About Me

ISBN: 978-1-67818-725-5

All about me is a book about my life. Sections include "Health, Disability, and Pain", "Some Of What I Have Been Through", "Coping", and "I Believe".

Devotional Books: 

Call On The Lord

ISBN:  978-1-365-59499-1

Photos along with Spiritual Lyrics. Includes some Scripture.

Put God First 

ISBN:  978-1-304-81343-5

This book has Bible Scripture plus poems written about God.

Seeking You, Lord

ISBN:  978-1-105-22640-3

Lyrics and Poems about the Lord.

Talking To God

ISBN: 978-1304871794

Personal prayers said by me and Scripture directly from the Bible.

* Cover Art by Adrianne Pits

My Favorite Proverbs

ISBN: 978-1300073956

My Favorite Psalms

ISBN: 978-1300107255

Seek The Lord

ISBN: 978-1300141068

Bible Verses on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit Seek the Lord Verses Scripture Verses on God's love for us Bible Verses on Love Verses on Being Saved Verses on How to Act Scripture on Healing More Verses on Healing

Letters To God

ISBN: 978-1300173991

Letters to God includes My Prayers/Letters and Bible Verses.

Scriptural Guidance

ISBN: 978-1300315704

Bible Verses with guidance and advice. Includes Scripture from Proverbs, Psalms, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Morning & Night Prayers

ISBN: 978-1300410157

Prayers I wrote and have said. Includes Scripture straight from the Bible.

Children's Books: 

Moira Says

ISBN: 978-1-300-41181-9

Children's book featuring my cat Moira. With photos of Moira.

Moira Rules

ISBN:  978-0-359-74970-6
Moira Rules is a children's book full of photos of my cat Moira.

Tyler and Riley
ISBN:  978-0-359-75077-1
Tyler and Riley is a children's book with photos of the dogs (Tyler and Riley) my family adopted.

Helping Others Children’s Book

ISBN: 978-0-359-80118-3

Helping Others is a children's book about the value of helping others. Friends (Ty, Jye, Gabriel, and John James) do what they can to help others. Their friend (Kye) does what he can to protect his friends.

Ty's Heart Children's Book

ISBN: 978-0-359-80666-9

Ty's Heart is a children's book about how Ty was raised and how he felt. When four (Gabriel, John James, Jye, and Kye) became his friends, he didn't know how to act. They were patient with Ty. Ty had to learn people did care about him and he wasn't alone anymore.

Staying True

ISBN:  978-1-257-44755-8

Stories for children with photos.

Anyone Can Be A Hero Book of Children’s Stories 
ISBN:  978-1-387-58387-4
Stories included: Santa’s Helper Meet The Fairies Anyone Can Be A Hero Learning To Understand Life With Star Not That Different Book includes some photos.

Ever Notice 
children''s book with photos, captions, and poems

Poetry and Lyric Books: 

Love And Peace

Collection of Poems

ISBN: 978-1-71660-594-9

Poem types: Spiritual Poems, From My Heart Poems, Make A Difference Poems, Issues And Feelings Poems, Poems About Love, Family And Friends Poems, Character Poems, Giving Thanks Poems, Holiday Poems, and Assorted Poems

Love Much

Lyrics & Poems

ISBN: 978-1-79474-115-7

Lyrics include Call On The Lord, Praise The Lord, Create In Me, Hallelujah, My Advice, and Running To Love. Poems include Please Dear Lord, Love Much, Lean On Me, Be Real, and True To My Heart.

Heal The Pain 
Lyrics & Poems
ISBN: 978-1-67815-454-7
Heal The Pain has lyrics, poems, and prayers. Some of my poems and most of my lyrics were either written for one of my fictional characters or inspired by them.

It'S All About Love

ISBN: 978-1105490323


Be Real

ISBN: 978-1257008575

Poems about "being real". Many venting poems. All heartfelt. With photos.

No Light 

ISBN: 978-1300387916

Poetry book dedicated to people being abused and people that were abused.

My Valentine Gift

ISBN: 978-1458377401

Valentine themed poems with photos

Something to Think about: Inspirational Poems

ISBN: 978-1929882007


Dealing With It

ISBN: 978-1257439140

Poems, Lyrics, and Short Stories dealing with real life issues.

From The Heart Photos and Poetry

ISBN: 978-0578004662

Healing Us 

ISBN: 978-1411667068

Poems about helping and healing

Photo Books:

Clouds, SunRises, and SunSets


Crosses, Clouds, and SunRise

Moira Rules - The Photos

Moira Rules - The Photos is full of color photos of my cat Moira.

Tyler and Riley

Tyler and Riley are photos of the dogs we had years ago. Tyler is the grey and white dog. Riley is the Beagle.

My Heart in Photos

ISBN: 9781387767298

Photos include Crosses, "J"s, Clouds, Benches, Water, and Animals.

Inspired Beauty Photo Book

(only available at http://www.lulu.com/heal4michael )

Photos of cloud shapes, sunrises, moon, animals, water, trees, flowers, and benches.