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Character Quotes And Scenes - Series

ISBN: 978-1-79477-011-9

These are quotes and scenes from my published books. All the books listed in this are from a series that keeps going. At the end of this book I will list the books included.

Ty’s Family

ISBN: 978-1-71660-428-7

This book is simply little shorts introducing my character Ty’s family, siblings, and children.

Meet The Family

ISBN: 978-1257098309

Stories introducing Ty and family plus a few close friends.

Ty'S Kids

ISBN: 978-1257930784

This book is simply little shorts introducing my character Ty's children.


ISBN: 978-1458395931

Rate this young adults for some swearing. While keeping Ty hidden to protect him, family and friends support each other.

Ty's Four Fathers

ISBN: 978-1257061686

Rate it young adults for swearing in one scene. With 4 fathers, Ty deals with his past and the scars it left behind. This story is about the relationship between the characters.

Overcompensating Love

ISBN: 978-1257789832

Years of abuse and cruelty have left Ty unsure. After learning of Ty, family members overcompensate for years of not being there due to lack of knowledge.

Learning To Love

ISBN: 978-1257872381

Finally free from almost 18 years of abuse but not free from the emotional scars, Ty is trying to understand why family and friends love him. Ty tries to deal with his pain while trying to be there for others.

Running To Love

ISBN: 978-1257880669

Warning: This story deals with severe physical abuse. Starts off with Ty as a newborn. As a teen, still dealing with abuse Ty does all he can to defend a younger child. Ty puts Nick on a bus to California from New York. Almost a year later, Ty goes to California to check on Nick. In California, Ty finds family and finally starts making friends.

Heroic Love

ISBN: 978-1257926114

This story takes place between 'Running To Love' and 'Learning To Love'. A young boy (Ty) starts off in abusive homes. As a young teen, he gets a younger child away from the abuse. Over a year after getting the younger child (Nick) away from the abuse, Ty is free from the abuse. Free physically but not emotionally. This story shows Ty's heroic side while he still deals with the emotional scars of abuse. Family support Ty as he deals with the confusion of why they care. Two new friends help Ty as he seeks to understand and grow in spiritual ways.

A Child's Love

ISBN: 978-1257953219

This story takes place between 'Learning To Love', 'Running To Love', and 'Heroic Love'. Characters Ty and Nick meet when Ty is 12 and Nick is 3. After being in a loving foster home, Nick is thrown into an abusive one. Ty does all he can to protect Nick. Finding relatives for Nick, Ty puts Nick on a bus. This story focuses on Nick as he waits for Ty to come. Nick struggles with why Ty didn't come with him as siblings try to be there for him.

Devoted Love

ISBN: 978-1105021329

This story takes place around A Child's Love and Heroic Love. Still trying to overcome years of abuse and dealing with four well meaning but overprotective fathers, Ty finds out he has more siblings.

Spirit Of Love

ISBN: 978-1105198335

This story takes place at the same time as Devoted Love. Trying to heal from years of abuse, Ty (18) still tries to understand why others care about him. Family try to convince him their love is unconditional. A new friend (Gabriel) acts like a brother to Ty. Meanwhile, Ty's youngest brother Nick (9) tries to bond with four men that have custody of him. Ty and Nick explore Spiritual questions.

Healing Love

ISBN: 978-1105402432

Story takes place around Spirit Of Love. Still healing from emotional scars from years of abuse, Ty (18) is more at ease risking his life to save a stranger than to let himself love someone. New friends teach Ty about friendship and try to help him have some sense of being a normal 18-year-old. Protective family are super protective of Ty.

Fatherly Love

ISBN: 978-1105480409

This story starts before Hidden then goes through Healing Love.It shows the four fathers starting from when they were teenagers.Because of all he has been through, Ty (18) remains unsure of love. His four fathers are devoted to him and to Nick.

True Love

ISBN: 978-1105573187

Story Starts Before Hidden And Ends Around Fatherly Love. True Love Focuses On Ty And Angela. Angela First Meets Ty When He Saves Her From Drowning. Not Only Does He Save Her, Ty Saves A Whole Bus Load Of People. After Saving Angela, Ty Runs Off. Angela Keeps Running Into Ty. For Angela, It Is Love At First Sight. Ty Is Scared To Love Angela But She Won't Let Him Push Her Away.

A Rare Love

ISBN: 978-1105630996

A Rare Love starts with Ty (13) hiding Nick (4) from an abusive adult. A year later, Ty is still hiding him. Almost two years later, Ty puts Nick on a bus to California from New York. A year later, Ty finds Nick in California. In between meeting brothers he never knew he had and learning Nick is more than a kid he helped, Ty rescues many. Including magical beings like fairies. After being helped by Ty, fairies, vampires, and others want to protect Ty. Ty does all he can to protect their secret while they do all they can to help him. They help when he asks and when he doesn't. Even when he doesn't know. Ty also receives help from others that he does not know who or what they are. Also in A Rare Love, Ty meets more family and makes new friends. Pastor Michael Jakeman and Gabriel help Ty on his spiritual journey.

Faithful Love

ISBN: 978-1105732126

This story takes place around Healing Love. After years of abuse, Ty (18) is still trying to move on. Ty is learning Scripture while he learns about being friends. Family and new friends continue to confuse Ty because he doesn't understand why they care. Family and friends try to give Ty some sense of being a normal 18-year-old. Nick (9) also makes two friends his age that are not related.

Brotherly Love

ISBN: 978-1105868207

This story starts before Hidden and continues around True Love. It ends up around Faithful Love. * Some intense or mildly intense scenes are in this story. Physical and emotional abuse are in this story. Story starts when 17-year-old Ty catches up with Nick (8). Ty meets brothers and a sister he never knew he had. While they try to reach out to him, Ty rejects them. As they learn about what Ty has been through, they become very protective of him. Brothers Jerry, Zack, and Jeremy help Ty get through withdrawal. All the siblings do all they can to help Ty and Nick.

Growing Love

ISBN: 978-1105955594

This story takes place around and after Faithful Love. As new family members are found and the family grows in unexpected ways, Ty (18) is trying to get past the abuse of his past. He is trying to open his heart to love freely. Ty is still trying to understand why others care about him.

Dedicated Love 

ISBN:   9781300422617 

This story takes place after Growing Love. Ty (18) and Nick (9) continue to adjust to having fathers and siblings that love them. Nick wants to follow Ty's charitable example. Ty becomes closer to Angela. Everyone grows closer to Jesse, John James, Joseph, and Gabriel. Friends near and far come together to keep Ty safe. Unexpected and unknown friends lend a hand. Ty and Nick continue on their spiritual journey.

Watchful Love

ISBN: 978-1-329-58360-3

Family and friends watch over Ty (18) as he deals with past abuse. Ty grows closer to family and friends as he creates his new center. Nick (9) wants to be like his older brother (Ty).

Protective Love

ISBN: 978-1-329-92438-3

Family continue to try to help Ty (18) heal from past abuse. After trying to hold it in for so long, Ty breaks down. Along the way, Ty gets more protectors. -- (Some scenes may be intense for some readers)

Reassuring Love 

ISBN: 978-1-365-11848-7

The physical abuse is over for Ty (18) but the emotional trauma is far from over. He promises to try to do better but then can't pretend he is okay anymore. Jye (18) tries to be strong for others and often discounts what he goes through. He is growing closer to Jenna (19). Ty and Jye go through physical and emotional pain throughout "Reassuring Love". Family and friends are there every step of the way.

Loyal Love 

ISBN: 978-1-365-29938-4

(Warning: Talk of abuse) Loyal Love starts off after Jenna was rescued. Thrilled that their daughter is home, Mark and Elizabeth want to know all about her heros (Ty and Jye). Jenna falls in love with Jye. It does not take long for Mark and Elizabeth to think of Jye as their son. A woman from Jye's past comes back and hurts him again. Medication stops working and Ty has a break down. Jerry reminds the family that it will take a lot of time for Ty to recover from years of abuse that started when he was a newborn. Mark, Elizabeth, and Jenna become close to Jye, Ty, and their family.

Accepting Love

ISBN: 978-1-365-41754-2

Starts with Ty (9) leaving the hospital. A little over seven years later, Ty is again leaving a hospital. 

The next day, by bus, Ty travels from New York to California. In Califorina, he reconnects with Nick (9). Ty meets brothers he never knew he had. Months later, Ty meets four fathers and his mother. Nick convinces Ty to record an album. Ty records an album of his own and helps produce albums for his brothers. Along the way, Ty meets Ashley (13) and Kyle (13). Ty befriends Gabriel and marries Angela. This story continues Ty bonding with his parents, his siblings, plus his wife. Ty still struggles with the trauma of past abuse. Part of the focus of this story is Ty's heart for people, his charity projects, and all he does to help. The story revolves around Kye, Jye, John James, and Ty. 

Cherished Love

ISBN: 978-1-365-59784-8

Ty (18) still struggles with the pain of past abuse and trauma. He wants to grow closer to family and friends. Cherished Love revolves around family, friends, spiritual relationships, and the Church.

Separated Love

ISBN: 978-1-365-81210-1

Rated R for several abuse and violent scenes.

Separated Love starts with Kye, Jye, John James, and Ty as newborn babies. It goes until they are 18. Kye grew up with his mother and step-father then his grandfather. Jye grew up with his mother and grandfather.  John James grew up with a loving man that adopted him. Ty was raised by Eddie and friends. Eddie delighted in Ty's pain. Of the four, John James is the only one that did not have abuse in his past. Years later, they meet and become extremely close.

Guarding Love
ISBN: 978-1-365-83792-0
Rated R for Abuse and Violent Scenes.
After deciding to protect Ty and Jye, Wayne recruits others to protect them as well. He keeps a constant watch for Ty and Jye. Always coming to their aid. Even rescuing them from violent situations. Wayne becomes more than a protecter. He is considered family.

Led By Love
ISBN: 978-1-365-86363-9
Rated PG 13 for references to violence and abuse.
Led By Love focuses on the love between Ty and Angela as well Jye and Jenna. It also focuses on the love between John James and Mary, Gabriel and Ruth, as well as Kye and Keli. While focusing on those relationship, it still revolves around the love of parents, siblings, and family. Ty, John James, Jye, Kye, and Gabriel would do anything for each other. Their loves are the same way. Especially Angela and Jenna. Ty and Jye deal with past issues of abuse. Jye is blindsided when someone he trusted takes him and hurts him. During everything, the love of Angela toward Ty and the love of Jenna toward Jye never falters.

Saving Love
ISBN: 978-1-365-92442-2
Saving Love focuses on the relationship between the brothers and on their music. Ty, still dealing with past abuse, struggles with getting closer to his family. They remain patient and full of love. At the insistence of his youngest brother Nick, Ty records. He also records an album for Nick. As they get closer to the Lord, they record worship albums. This book includes lyrics and a prayer.

Enchanted Love
ISBN: 978-1-387-02914-3
Without knowing it Ty and Jye have saved magical beings including fairies. The fairies spread news of Ty and Jye. At first they do not know their names. Once the fairies learn more about Ty and Jye, they do everything they can to protect them. They only reveal themselves to four non-magical beings. Only two of those non-magical beings know what they are. The fairies are always nearby and listening for Ty and Jye's call for help.

Bonding Love
ISBN: 978-1-387-18254-1
Ty struggles to get over the pain of his past. Even though he feels his heart will always be broken, He tries to love family and friends. Ty continues to learn about love and friendship. Jye tries to be strong and downplays what he has been through. He proves to be a protective brother as well as a loyal friend. Gabriel is a loyal friend to Ty, Jye, and their brothers. He decides Ty and Jye need time away from everything for a few days. Gabriel invites Ty and Jye plus two of their brothers to spend time on his family's yacht. Ty's wife plus the girlfriends of the others join them. Most of Bonding Love takes place on Gabriel's family yacht.

Family Love
ISBN: 978-1-387-23272-7
Family Love focuses on the relationships of family and friends. Ty, John James, Jye, Kye, and Gabriel grow closer to each other plus to their family. Marrying Jye has been Jenna's wish for months. Once he proposes she does not wait long. Jenna asks Jye's brother (John James) to marry them the next day. Once married, Jenna does all she can to look out for Jye and his brothers (especially Ty). Jye continues to look out for his brothers and Jenna. Angela remains a supportive loving wife to Ty. Ty struggles with feeling he doesn't show his love enough. Angela tells Ty he is too hard on himself.

United Love
ISBN:  9781387545155
Ty tries to grow closer to family and friends while still struggling with feelings from past abuse. He says "I am fine" never meaning okay. Ty often doubts himself. Angela always tells him, he is too hard on himself. Angela, John James, Jye, Gabriel, and Kye are Ty's strongest supporters (as well as part of his family). United Love focuses a lot on Jye's new marriage to Jenna. Jenna fits in well with the family. She is very protective of Jye as well as Ty. John James, Kye, and Gabriel grow closer to Mary, Keli, and Ruth.

Dramatic Love
ISBN: 9781387719440
Dramatic Love focuses on the marriages of Ty and Angela, Jye and Jenna, John James and Mary, Gabriel and Ruth, plus Kye and Keli. Their love for each other is very deep. Ty remains unsure and continues to blame himself for things that are not his fault. He is quick to sacrifice himself to save another. Ty and Jye are quick to risk their lives to save others. Kye tries to be their protector. Ty, John James, Jye, Kye, and Gabriel are brothers plus close friends. Angela, Jenna, Mary, Ruth, and Keli are protective of their husbands. Warning: There are violent scenes in this book.

Heartfelt Love 
ISBN: 978-1-387-89345-4
Rated PG for suggestions and talk of abuse plus marriage talk. This story revolves around the marriages of Ty and Angela, Jye and Jenna, John James and Mary, Gabriel and Ruth, plus Kye and Keli. It revolves around their relationships with each other plus the relationships with their families. Ty continues to struggle with thoughts of past abuse. Jye struggles with similar thoughts just not as strong as Ty. Ty and his brothers have over protective parents and protectors. Ty, John James, Jye, and Gabriel are there for each other and try to help anyone they can. Kye just wants to protect his family.

Extended Love

ISBN: 978-0-359-45878-3

Extended Love continues the story of Ty and his family. The story revolves around Ty, John James, Jye, Kye, Gabriel, and their wives. It focuses on the relationships. Ty is still unsure because of all he has been through but tries to do what is best for his loved ones. He entertains and owns businesses. John James is the Pastor of the Church Ty owns. Jye and Gabriel teach at the Church. Kye owns a gym. They have protective wives and family members. Extended Love continues the stories of Hidden, Running To Love, Heroic Love, Brotherly Love, Spirit Of Love, Saving Love, Heartfelt Love, and more.

Guiding Love

ISBN: 978-0-359-66418-4

Guiding Love continues the story of Ty and his family. Ty and his brothers grew up not knowing each other.

Guiding Love starts with Gabriel at age 3. When he is 18, he meets Ty at a building Ty owns. Gabriel befriends Ty while Ty is still learning about friendship. Ty is comfortable with risking his life and helping others. He is still trying to get over the trauma of past abuse. Now, Ty is surrounded by family and friends. Guiding Love focuses on Ty, Angela, Gabriel, Ruth, John James, Mary, Jye, Jenna, Kye, and Keli.

Powerful Love

ISBN: 978-0-359-88666-1

Powerful Love continues the story of Ty and his family. It starts with Ty learning he has brothers. His older brothers try to connect with him. Ty has been hurt so much, he figures they won't want him around long. As his family and protectors grow, Ty still struggles emotionally from his past. Powerful Love focuses on Ty, John James, Jye, Gabriel, Kye, and Nick. Powerful Love focuses a lot on the relationships of Ty, John James, Jye, Gabriel, and Kye plus their wives. It also focuses on all they do to try to help. 

Fairy Love

ISBN: 978-1-79471-195-2

Fairy Love continues the story of Ty and his family. It continues from Hidden. Without knowing it, Ty saves several fairies. They notice him and want to learn more about him. They learn he saves many that includes them. Fairies learn about Ty and what he has been through. Jye saves faires as well. Once fairies learn about Ty and Jye they want to protect them. They also want to do things for them. Fairies also put Gabriel on their protection list. All fairies keep a close eye on Ty, Jye, and Gabriel.

Surrounded By Love

ISBN: 978-1-79475-339-6

Surrounded By Love continues the story started with "Hidden". The story line continues through "Fairy Love". Ty still struggles to heal from past abuse. He is now surrounded by family and friends that love him. Ty cares deeply but also feels he is not worth all the care they give. Ty is an entetainer, owns buildings, and helps many. He is quick to help someone but slow to understand why others care about him. Surrounded By Love focuses on Ty as well as his brothers John James, Jye, Kye, Gabriel, and Nick. It also focuses on the wives of Ty, John James, Jye, Kye, and Gabriel. Surrounded By Love strongly focuses on Ty with his family by blood and family by love. He is literally Surrounded By Love.

Remember The Love

ISBN: 978-1-71659-494-6

Remember The Love focuses on Ty and his family. Main focus characters are Ty, his wife Angela, plus his brothers John James, Gabriel, Jye, and Kye. Ty is still struggling to get past years of abuse. Some days he feels almost normal. Many days he does not know how he feels. Ty is always quick to help in any way he can. His brothers John James, Gabriel, and Jye offer a lot of support. The brothers do their best to be there for each other. Ty is a singer plus so much more. John James is a Pastor and artist. Gabriel teaches Sunday School and works at the hospital. Jye teaches at the Church and runs his grandfather's shoe stores. Kye runs his grandfather's gym.

Filled With Love

ISBN: 978-1-71650-240-8

"Filled With Love" continues the series that started with "Hidden". Ty and Gabriel are the main focuses of "Filled With Love". Soon after this story begins, Gabriel is in the hospital with cancer. It shows what he went through. The two that he thought were his parents, did not visit him during his hospital stay. Years later, Gabriel learns who his true parents were. He learns that Ty is his brother by the same father. "Filled With Love" shows glimpses of the abuse Ty went through before he learned who his family was. Ty now knows his parents and his siblings. His parents are protective. His siblings try to help Ty emotionally heal from past abuse. Gabriel and Ty have other protectors as well. "Filled With Love" also shows the wives of Ty, Gabriel, and a few of their brothers.