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Finally Together

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9772-2924-3 

Five brothers (Kye, Jye, Gabriel, John James, and Ty) were sold when they were less than a year old. When they were 5-years-old, they started working as servants. When they were 8, they were rescued by a detective (Michael). Michael adopted the brothers. He loved them deeply and was very protective. All the brothers struggled to get used to their new lives. Ty struggled the most. Years later, the brothers are found by their biological family. They have Michael and their original family.


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Character Quotes And Scenes

ISBN: 978-1-79477-015-7

These are quotes and scenes from my published books. At the end of this book I will list the books included.

Fictional Books:

More Than A Hero

ISBN: 978-0557482740

Modern day fairy tale about a young Prince (future King), the hero that goes to save him, plus family and friends.

The Hero Is 

ISBN: 978-0557484232

A mysterious young guy saves a family at different times and then needs their help.

Amazing Love

ISBN: 978-1-79485-633-2

Amazing Love revolves around five brothers (Kye, Jye, Gabriel, John James, and Ty). When their parents die, their father leaves them his Church. John James is now the young Pastor. He appoints Gabriel and Jye as assistant Pastors. After their parents die, the members leave the Church. Jye sets up a web site so they can record services as if people are there then post it on the web site. Kye doesn't understand why they keep preaching to an empty Church. John James says have faith. In the hospital, they meet Jenna. Jenna starts putting everything on her blog. First it is just Jenna and her family coming. After time, more come. The brothers discover they have family they never knew about. 

Finding Family

ISBN: 978-1-71657-800-7

Ty (18) takes Nick (9) to a concert by Angela. At the stadium, Jeremy's drummer quits. Nick tells that Ty plays the drums and can learn the songs fast. Jeremy is amazed at how fast Ty learns the songs. He asks Ty to be his full time drummer. Nick likes the idea. At the hotel, Jeremy tries to get to know Ty and Nick better. He is convinced he knows Ty but Ty does not remember. Ty says he only remembers the parents that adopted him and Nick. He remembers more than he says. Ty learns he has more family. 

Newfound Family And Friends

ISBN: 978-1-716-55294-6

Newfound Family And Friends starts off with Ty and his wife Angela. They share a house with Ty's younger brother Nick. Ty and Angela talk about recording an album together. Ty is also a substitute teacher. He misses the older brother he thought died years ago. He learns the brother did not die when the brother (Jeremy) knocks on the door. Jeremy had been looking for Ty for years. Ty meets Gabriel at the school he (Ty) is teaching at. Gabriel quickly offers Ty his friendship. 

United In Love

ISBN: 978-1-71652-314-4

Five 18-year-old brothers (Kye, Jye, Gabriel, John James, and Ty) run a community center. They have not seen their parents since they were 10. The brothers rely on each other. While working at the hospital, Gabriel sees their father. The brothers learn they have more family. Angela befriends Ty. 

Claimed As Family

ISBN: 978-1-71652-310-6

Nick (9) wants to know who the writer Spencer is. His older brothers meet Ty while working on a construction site. Wearing a cap and sunglasses, Ty will not tell his last name. He does not understand why they want to be his friends. After Ty gets hurt protecting them the family learns about Ty and his past. 

Heart Of Royalty

ISBN: 978-1-716-45611-4

Heart Of Royalty starts off with Ty, John James, Gabriel, Jye, and Kye separated. They did not know of each other. One day, Wayne went to get them. They learned they are brothers. Their father had them sent away because of a threat against them. He was afraid of his sons being hurt so he had them sent away. When the threat was finally over, Michael had Wayne bring his sons to him. Ty's adopted son also went. They learned they had three older brothers as well. Heart Of Royalty focuses on the relationships of the family as they get to know each other.

Orphans To Brothers

ISBN: 978-1-716-40822-9

"Orphans To Brothers" has some abuse and dramatic heroic scenes. At 6-years-old, Gabriel told a police officer his parents left him. Two years later at the ophanage he meets Kye (8). Gabriel immediately offers his friendship. Three months later, they meet Jye (8) at the orphanage. Four months later, they meet John James (8) at the orphanage. Five months later, they meet Ty (9) at the orphanage. The five share a room and start calling themselves brothers. When they are 13, Jye learns his grandfather left him everything. The five move into Jye's grandfather's house. When they are 18, they all still live there. Jye runs his grandfather's shoe store business. Ty is a carpenter and fixes things. Gabriel works at the hospital and is a carpenter. John James works at the Church. Kye teaches people to fight.

Beyond Family

ISBN:  978-1-387-39380-0

Beyond Family starts off with Nick (9). The only one Nick has is his dog, Kara. They are sleeping in an alley. One day, Nick has a substitute teacher (Ty). Ty offers to walk Nick home but Nick takes off before he can. Later, Ty sees Nick in a soup kitchen. Again, he offers to walk Nick home. Again, Nick takes off before he can. The next day, Ty follows Nick to the alley. That night he takes Nick and Kara into his home. What starts as friendship turns into much more. After Ty's heroic side is more known, more friends come into the lives of Nick and Ty.

More Than Family

ISBN: 978-1-79476-811-6
More Than Family starts with Ty (8) running out of a house. That night he sleeps in a New York shelter. The next day, Ty sneaks on a train to California. In California, he sleeps in alleys then parks. Ty is befriended by three cats. Jandro looks out for Ty without Ty ever noticing. Still homeless, Ty starts saving lives. After getting hurt saving people, he makes his way to Michael's Church then collapses. In the hospital Michael and his sons get to know Ty. They look after him as family. While in the hospital, Ty starts to connect with Angela and her brothers.

More Than Expected

ISBN: 978-1-67815-456-1

More Than Expected starts off with Nick (9) telling his family he wants to know more about the singer T. His cousin goes to the agent's office. He learns not only does no one know T's name, no on knows his face. On a school field trip, Nick meets Ty (18). Ty lets Nick ride one of the horses. Nick tells his family the only worker he saw was Ty. When Nick's cousins offer to help, Ty says he has everything under control. After Ty gets hurt saving Nick's uncle and cousins (Jye and Gabriel), Nick's family sticks close to Ty. Chris, Jye, and Gabriel move in with Ty after Ty leaves the hospital. Nick and his family learn there is a lot to Ty.

Reunited Family

ISBN: 978-1-67817-470-5

Reunited Family starts in the ER with Ty (18) injured from a stunt on a movie. He is at home that night. His brothers Kye (18) and Jye (18) make sure he rests. Kye acts like the protector. Kye says only he will be doing stunts but only if they are legit. Two days later, Kye quits because the stunt is not sane. The next day some of their uncles move in. Later, more uncles move in. They say they came as soon as they knew the parents left Kye, Jye, and Ty. Angela was an actress on the set. Her father and brother are Ty's doctors. At the hospital, they meet Angela's other brothers. Gabriel and John James quickly become friends to Ty. This story focuses on the relationships between family and friends.

Heroic Heart

ISBN: 978-1-387-80484-9

Nick, his brothers, and sister make new friends at summer camp. No one knows who owns the camp. One night there is a terrible storm. Nick is trapped in his cabin. The mysterious hero Nick is fascinated by saves him then carries him to shelter. Nick's brothers follow. Knowing Jye is great at computers, Nick asks him to find the owner of the camp and who the hero is. Nick meets the owner early in the morning. He wants to know more and still wants to know who the hero is. After camp is over they stay in touch. Not long later, the hero is injured and Nick's father is his doctor.

Noble Heart

ISBN: 978-1-387-95650-0

Noble Heart starts with Ty (18) and Nick (9) in a cabin Ty built. Nick wonders what a normal life is like. Ty tries to give him a taste of a typical life. At a playground, Nick makes some friends. Ty tells Nick when they are out, he (Nick) needs to wear a cap and sunglasses so he doesn't get recognized. After Ty gets hurt protecting Nick, Nick's true identity is revealed. While Ty is healing, a family befriends him. They become very protective very quickly.

Discovering Family

ISBN: 978-1-365-40055-1

At 18, Ty gets out of the control of his mother and stepfather. After years of working nonstop Ty tells his agent he is taking a break. After being found in his cabin by his stepfather, Ty hides out in a shelter he owns. He makes friends with a volunteer (Michael) and his son (Nick). Ty's stepfather finds him again. While trying to get out of a locked room, Ty returns a call to Jay. When Jay comes to get Ty, he tells Ty he has an older brother. Jay and Jeremy (Ty's newly found brother) go to the hospital to make sure Ty is okay. Jeremy insists Ty move in with him in his apartment. When Ty goes to help Nick with his homework, they discover Jeremy's neighbor (Angela) is Michael's daughter. Ty's family grows when he finds out he has three more brothers. Ty's stepfather makes one more attempt on Ty. After Ty heals, he (as well as Jeremy) moves in with his three newly found brothers. Ty grows closer to his brothers, Michael, Angela, and Nick.

Bonds of Love

ISBN: 9781365010446

Starts off with Ty (13) alone and sleeping on a park bench. One day he tries to sell a book he wrote to a bookstore owner. Five years later, Ty owns and runs a building full of people. He takes care of everything barely letting anyone help. One night, Michael and his son (Nick) come in soaking wet. Ty gives them a place to live and gives Michael a job. While working for Ty, Michael learns Ty has no known family. He learns Ty has been alone since he was two. Michael becomes a father figure to Ty then starts looking to see if Ty has any family.

From Hero To Family

ISBN: 978-0-359-88262-5

At 14, Ty is alone living on the street. For years he helps when others are in need. When he is 18, he gets badly hurt after saving a family. While he is healing, the family takes him in. Ty has no idea who they are. Ty's life starts to change.

Devoted Family And Friends

ISBN: 978-1-79472-595-9

Kye, Jye, Gabriel, John James, and Ty inherit the family retaurant when their parents die. The brothers are 18. They manage the restaurant while looking after their younger brother Nick (9). Jye, Gabriel, John James, and Ty help out at the restaurant. Kye tells them they work too hard. He is told he protects too much. Ty meets Angela when her car breaks down on the street. John James meets Mary and Ruth when at their father's Church. Jye meets Jenna and Keli when they come into the family restaurant. Later, the brothers learn they have family they never knew about. Devoted Family And Friends revolves around the brothers and their relationships.

Unwanted Substitutes Find Family

ISBN: 978-1-716-42975-0 

This story deals with abuse. At 9-years-old Ty's mother kicks him out. At 9-years-old Gabriel's mother tells him he has a new father. Ty lives on the street. Gabriel lives in a house where he is not wanted. At 12-years-old Ty is still living on the street. He starts telling people "Whatever you want to do to them, do it to me.". He calls himself a "willing sacrifice". At 12-years-old Gabriel tells the school bully whatever he wants to do to the kids at the school to do to him. He tells the bully "I will be their substitute and your willing sacrifice." When they are 18, Ty and Gabriel are hurt in a robbery. While in the hospital, they learn they are related and have more family. 

More Than Modest

ISBN: 978-0557485222

As a baby, Ty was left by a church. 7 years later, the woman he knows as his mother tells him of what his birth mother did for him. At 14, Ty is alone working 2 jobs. At 15, Ty inherits more than he could dream of. At 19, Ty is a hero and a businessman but is without friends. After he saves members of a family that starts to change. This story revolves around Ty, the lawyer, and the family Ty befriends.

Unexpected Family

ISBN: 978-0-359-75444-1

At 8, Ty is alone. A year later, he is fixing random tires. When Ty is 18, he works at a community center and lives in a cabin. Gabriel (18) starts volunteering at the community center. Then Jye (18) does. No one knows who owns the community center. After Ty gets hurt saving others from a fire, Gabriel and his family watch over Ty. Jye looks into the community center staff to try to learn Ty's full name. When Ty wakes up in the hospital, he learns more about the family watching over him. After awhile, he learns who they are to him.

Unsure Of Love

ISBN: 978-1-716-44720-4

There are scenes of abuse in this story. Unsure Of Love starts off with Ty at 4-years-old. His mother and stepfather are more than abusive. He is nothing more than a slave to them. Years later, they start making him work for their friends as well. When Ty is 18, he collapses in front of Michael. Michael then learns his ex-wife never told him he had another son. Michael and his family try to reach out to Ty as they try to help him heal. Gabriel (18) tells Ty to consider him his first friend.

A Royal Surprise

ISBN: 978-1-365-95598-3

Raised by his uncle, Ty was treated like a servant. Ty worked hard but it was never enough. When Ty is 18, his uncle has people tied up. After Ty rescues them, he is badly injured by his uncle. The men take Ty home with them. Their doctor takes care of Ty. As Ty gets stronger, he learns who the men are and how they relate to him.

Searching For Royalty

ISBN: 978-1-387-12408-4

As a baby, Ty is unwanted and unloved. As a child, he is treated badly. When he is 9, Ty runs away.  He keeps moving to try to stay hidden from his family. Being a genius, Ty has no trouble earning money. Years later, he is found then put in fights. After giving up, Ty is found by Wayne (a man Ty's real father sent to find him). Ty stays in a coma for over a year. When he wakes up, he learns his real father wanted him and had been searching for him since the day he learned he had a son. Months later, Ty learns what his father does.

Finding Royalty

ISBN: 9781387600106

As a kid, Ty is a prince with a heart for the people. He respects his father and likes to learn. When his father is killed, Ty becomes king. He looks into how his father died while doing his best to rule the country. Ty maintains his heart for people. Some do not like how he runs things but Ty continues to do what he feels is right. While still investigating his father's death and trying to find who his mother is, Ty stumbles on to a ring of bad people. When Ty meets Michael and his brothers, his own life starts to change.

Lost Then Found

ISBN: 9781329896604

At 8-years-old, Ty is the only survivor of a plane crash. He is alone on an island for eight years. One day a ship goes by and Ty sneaks on board. After making his way to California he finds a job. Two years later, he starts college. He finds friends and family.

Unexpected Support

ISBN: 978-0-359-25327-2

Rated R for violence. At 8-years-old, Ty starts saying whatever you want to do to them "do to me". Ten years later, he continues to insist the same thing. In Chris' house, Ralph tries to kill Ty. Chris runs over to defend Ty. Gabriel and Jye (both 18) run over. Six hours later, Ty is in the hospital. Chris' brother Michael is the doctor. While Ty is healing, Chris and his family get attached to Ty. Ty's life starts to change for the better.

A New Start

ISBN: 978-1-387-73967-7

When he was 8, Ty was taken by his father. When he was 10, Michael came to arrest his father. After spending time in the hospital, Michael took Ty home with him. At first Ty only talked to Michael. When Ty met Michael's brothers, he talked more but mostly shared with Michael. Years later, Michael continued to overcompensate because of what Ty had been through. At 18-years-old, Ty started to make friends his age.

New Family

ISBN: 978-0-359-04601-0

Warning: This story starts off with severe abuse.

As children Kye, Jye, and Ty are tortured by their father. He views them as nothing more than experiments. They are in separate dungeons. When they are 13, they are found by Wayne. Kye, Jye, and Ty are in the hospital for months. While they are in the hospital, Michael (the doctor) and his family bond with them. Michael and his family bond with the three before they even wake up. Kye, Jye, and Ty are in separate hospital rooms. They are guarded by Wayne plus Michael's family. Before they leave the hospital, Michael adopts Kye, Jye, and Ty. They go to live with him. Michael's brother Chris and nephew Gabriel move in Michael's house. At Michael's house, Michael and his family continue to do all they can to help Kye, Jye, and Ty.

From Love To Family

ISBN: 978-0557485239

Ty, 20, runs the orphanage that him and his younger brother live in. His brother, Nick, keeps asking about the family they had. When Nick learns they had an uncle, he asks Ty to look for him. This story revolves around Ty, Nick, the children/teens at the orphanage, plus new people that come into their lives.

Brothers: Lost And Found

ISBN: 978-0557485246

Ty, 20, lives in an apartment with Nick, 9 (a boy he got off the street). As Ty looks at pictures of his older brothers (that he lost touch with after their parents divorce but knows where they work) Nick continues to ask Ty when he's going to tell them. When Ty is hurt and in the hospital, Nick reveals it to Ty's oldest brother Jerry.

Royally Arranged

ISBN: 978-0557484256

Arranged to marry by her mother and his father; a Prince and Princess agree to meet.

Royally Loved

ISBN: 978-0557485321

When she's 10, Angela is saved by Ty (9). After saving her Ty runs off. Years later, Angela finds out who Ty is.

Royal Protection

ISBN: 978-1257828197

Story of a young guy (18) that starts with him at the age of 5. His father keeps kidnapping people and he keeps rescuing them. When he's 18, he rescues another and his father had enough. His father shoves him into traffic. The young man gets hurt severely. After a week in the hospital, the family of those he saved took him in. When he wakes up, he is already there.

Under Royal Protection
ISBN: 978-0-359-92568-1

Continued from Royal Protection.

Still healing, Ty continues to live at the castle. He is placed under the protection of a few royal families. Michael hires Jase, Chris, John, and Nate to be Ty's security. Jase reveals to Michael that Ty has the same eyes as his son that was taken as a baby. DNA confirms Ty is Jase's son. Michael continues to have Jase's other sons searched for. Wayne brings John James, Jye, Kye, and Gabriel to the castle. Under Royal Protection focuses on Ty's relationships to his family and the royal families.

Family By Love

ISBN: 978-0557485352

Story of a young genius that raises himself because his parents are too busy for him. Years later, he is financially independent but has no friends. When he saves a young boy his own life starts to change.

Write To Heal

ISBN: 978-0557486007

Story of a mysterious writer that likes to help and the family he befriends.

Family Hero

ISBN: 978-0557487806

Story of a family hero that is a true hero to many. Starts off with Ty healing from an injury.

More Than A Band

ISBN: 978-0557489244

Angela, 21, and her guitarist, 22, find the perfect drummer.

Devoted To The Kids

ISBN: 978-0557489275

With his friend's help, Ty is raising his younger brother and children of similar ages. After saving 2 police detectives, Ty learns one may be his father and the other may be his brother's father.

Meant To Help

ISBN: 978-0557490882

By an angel, Michael is given the job to raise a baby boy. It has been seen that this boy will do great things and he does.

More Than A Title

ISBN: 978-0557490899

Ty learns he is a prince when he meets his older brother.

Royally Modest

ISBN: 978-0557490905

Story of a modest prince that likes to help.

Custody Equals Family

ISBN: 978-0557520169

Ty is devoted to raising his brother Nick and 4 teenagers that he (Ty) has custody of. Nick wants to get Ty some friends. The teens want to get Ty a girlfriend. Once Nick introduces Ty to his (Nick's) teacher Ty might be getting both.

Friends And Family

ISBN: 978-0557531325

While being guarded by Michael and his 21-year-old son Jeremy, Angela, 20, gets to be friends with Michael's 20-year-old son Ty.

From The Island

ISBN: 978-0557543168

At 13, Ty is stranded on an island. He grows up raising children on his own. When Ty is 19 he meets Angela then his life starts to change.

More Than A Teacher

ISBN: 978-0557551859

Story of a young teacher that puts children first. Revolves around the teacher, his wife, his children, and a student he befriends.

More Than Memories

ISBN: 978-0557583539

When making a bust, Michael finds a teenage boy locked in a basement. After being admitted to the hospital, Ty reveals he doesn't remember anything. Including how he got there. He thinks his name is Ty because that's what he heard others call him. While in the hospital Ty is befriended by Michael, Michael's brother, and a volunteer at the hospital. When Ty is allowed to leave the hospital, Michael takes Ty to his (Michael's) home.

Extended Family 

ISBN-13 : 978-0979841736

Linda, 20, asks to speak with Ty, 20. She tells him how years ago she witnessed her mother abusing him. She explained how her youngest siblings and 2 other kids were Ty's children. After meeting everyone, Ty invites his children and their older siblings to live with him.

New Friends, New Family 

ISBN-13 : 978-0979841750

Ty, 19, keeps having dreams that he can't explain. He forgets them as soon as he wakes up. Ty learns Michael may not be his father. He gets to know Steve as he remains close to Michael. Both tell Ty to consider it that he has 2 fathers. This story revolves around Ty, Michael, Ty's new family, and Ty's new friends.

Like A Big Brother 

ISBN-13 : 978-0979860362

Jeremy is the overprotective older brother while Jerry is the easy going older brother. Ty is devoted to his older brothers, to his wife, his kids, and his brothers' kids. 

More Than Music 
ISBN-13 : 978-0979860379
Ty records for his younger brother and his children. Devoted to taking care of the kids, one day Ty learns he has an older brother.

Music In The Family 
ISBN-13 : 978-0979860386
Being an artist himself, Ty records for his younger brother and his children.    

Christmas Wish For Ty 

ISBN: 978-1105390432

18-year-old Ty owns an apartment building, a soup kitchen, a hospital, and more but is all alone. One day Kris (a 60-year-old looking man) knocks on Ty's door. Kris tells Ty to find friends and a girlfriend. Ty does nothing to find friends so Kris and his helpers take matters into their own hands.

Christmas with Ty

ISBN: 978-0578005645

Celebrate Christmas with my character Ty and his family.

Connected To Ty 

ISBN-13 : 978-0979860300

Short Stories, poems, and lyrics connected to my character Ty. 

Character Book 
ISBN-13 : 978-0980240054

Character View Books:

The Man in Black

ISBN: 978-0557096084

Story of a hero wearing all black. Told in character narrative.

All About Love

ISBN: 978-0557484225

Told in character point of view by Angela. At 22-years-old, she has her own exhibit at an art museum. Alone in front of one of her paintings, Angela meets Ty. It's a story of family and love.

A Story Of Family

ISBN: 978-0557484249

(has lyrics)

Told in character point of view by Nick about his father, older brothers, and the singer that he befriends.

Anyone Can Make A Difference

ISBN: 978-0557485215

Told in character point of view by Nick. Story of a substitute teacher that makes a real difference in the lives of his students. The teacher becomes more than a teacher to Nick and his family.

The Prince And Me

ISBN: 978-0557485338

Told in a character's (Nick) point of view. By his mother the young Prince (Ty) is taken from his father. At 10-years-old, the Prince is found by his father. Ty learns his father is King and that he is a Prince. It's a journey of self, heroics, family, and love.

Royally Family

ISBN: 978-0557485284

Tied up, Angela is saved by a young man she has never met. At Angela's order the guards take Ty to be seen by her doctor. When Ty wakes up he has no idea who Angela is or where he is. He slowly learns of Angela and her family.

Healing Hearts

ISBN: 978-0557486014

Told in character point of view by Nick, 7, about his family and the singer he admires.

Our Dream Project

ISBN: 978-0557486021

Told by a 14-year-old boy about his brothers and their "dream project".

Always My Brother

ISBN: 978-0557487790

Told by Lisha. The story revolves around her, her brother, and the guy she falls in love with.

Down The Hall 

ISBN: 978-0557489312

Told in character point of view by Nick. After his parents divorce, Nick and his father move into a 2-bedroom apartment where they befriend the young man that owns the building.

From The Start

ISBN: 978-0557489350

Told in character point of view by Angela. It revolves around Angela and Ty, the one she likes from the start.

More Than A King

ISBN:  978-1257856961

Told in character point of view by Nick. A mysterious young guy saves him from a fire then helps him again.

A Secret Hero

ISBN: 978-0557548477

Told in character point of view by Nick. At 9, Nick lived in an orphanage. One day he was blindfolded and thrown in a van. He is saved by a young man wearing all black. The young man saves other kids. The kids that have families are taken home. The rest move in with the young man.

Confused Attitude

ISBN: 978-0557492596

Rated R (possibly-you be the judge) for scenes of abuse. Told in character point of view by Ty. The story tells of an abused child growing up. He tries to get away but fails. At 21-years-old, Ty is helped to get away by a man named Michael.

Open Your Eyes

ISBN: 978-0557521197

(possibly rated higher for subject of abuse) Told in character point of view. At 9-years-old Ty left an abusive stepfather by traveling to California. In a shelter, he met a man named Michael. While playing outside, Ty's stepfather takes him but not before Michael legally adopted him. At 19, Ty finds Michael again.

Surprised By Love

ISBN: 978-0557523504

Told in character point of view by Ty. He was bounced from foster homes to abusive parents to his older brothers' parents. At 13, Ty's brothers' father died. The 3 of them landed back with Ty's abusive parents. Jerry and Jeremy walked in when Ty's father was beating him. Jeremy was ready to fight. Jerry insisted the 3 of them (Ty, Jeremy, and Jerry) leave. The 3 got in Jerry's car and left. This story is mostly about the relationship between 3 brothers.

Second Chance

ISBN: 978-0557534272

Told in character point of view by Michael. When working on a case as a federal agent, Michael found a young boy with no name and no family. Being addicted to alcohol and drugs when he woke the boy started withdrawing. One day when Michael goes to visit the boy at the hospital he learns social services has already taken him. Years later, they meet up again under different circumstances.

Royal Love

ISBN: 978-1257864133

Rate higher for bedroom scenes. Story is told by the character. A Queen keeps hearing staff members talk about a guy. She thinks they are all dating him. On her birthday, she finds he is the victim. After that, she wants to protect him. She becomes very fond of him. Later, the Queen learns who the guy is. A fact that the guy does not know himself.