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Character Quotes And Scenes

ISBN: 978-1-79477-015-7

These are quotes and scenes from my published books. At the end of this book I will list the books included.

Fantasy Books:

Loved By Fairies 
ISBN: 978-0557484195
After saving a couple of fairies Ty learns there are magical beings but only those with an open mind can see them. The fairies continue to look out for him. This story has magical and non magical parts to it.

Fairies For The King
ISBN: 978-1257037964
After saving 2 fairies, including the Fairy Queen, fairies watch out for Ty. This story has magical beings as well as non magical beings.

Fairies For Ty
ISBN: 978-1257038084
After making his way to their realm, fairies are fascinated with Ty. They love him and protect him. This story has magical and non magical beings.

The Young Heir
ISBN: 978-0557485208
Smuggled out as a baby the young heir is hidden until he is 18 when he can do what he must to claim his rightful thrown. He receives help from many including magical beings.

Wish Granted! 
ISBN: 978-0557485253
Abandoned by his mother Nick, 9, wishes for Ty, 20 to be real. After a shooting star he is. In the morning, Nick finds Ty in the kitchen making breakfast. The story takes place in two worlds: one magical and one average. This story has many magical beings.

For Real
ISBN: 978-0557492565
Fictional character comes to life to help a lonely boy.

Royal Quest
ISBN: 978-0557485260
Only a mystical herb from the forest can save the King. And only one may enter this forest. It's a story of magic, courage, adventure, and feeling.

For Royalty And Family 
ISBN: 978-0557485277
The Princess is taken by an evil wizard. A woman spirit tells the King that only one can save the Princess. The evil wizard does not make it easy. Story is filled with royalty, magic, heroics, and love.

More Than Instincts
ISBN: 978-0557558032
This story has "normal" and magical aspects to it. Stephen and Erin are vampires. A fact that only Ty knows. Ty gets a second chance at being a teenager when witches turn him from 20 to 16. Children have unexplained abilities. And that's not the end of the magic.

Raising Mortals
ISBN: 978-0557545827
A mortal boy is raised by 2 vampires. A different kind of vampire story.